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Fundraising made easy.

At Cinergy, we know what it takes to accomplish your goals. That’s why we’re making Fundraising as easy as 1, 2, 3. After you book, you will be in charge of getting the word out to your organization.

To help you, we’ve gathered our best tips, so that you can make the first step towards a successful Fundraiser

We all know fundraisers can be a lot of work… but they don’t have mean all work and no play. Why not let Cinergy take care of the hard part, so you can enjoy the fun? After you schedule your fundraiser with us, we’ll outline everything for you and provide you with the materials to make your event successful.  Here are a few extra tips and tricks to help make your fundraising evening at Cinergy a success!

Make it a social event:

Create a Facebook Event that you can invite your friends (and their friends!) to. Make sure to update event information and let everyone know the time, location, and details of your specific fundraiser. Encourage friends and family to pass the word around their own social media pages about the fundraising night… before long, you’ll have the word out everywhere in town!

Use the Cinergy resources:

All Cinergy fundraising events come with customized items sure to make your night go smoothly. The most important of which is an official Eventbrite website you can use to update information, share with friends on social media and email to your group’s biggest fans. Let us know the email addresses, and Cinergy can send an Eventbrite email just for your event!

Flyer (letter 8.5in x 11in) and poster (11in x 17in) artwork is also provided for you to print and post everywhere you can think of. School bulletin boards, break rooms at work, community centers… the sky’s the limit! Be creative (and get permission!) and you can reach a whole new set of people ready and willing to make your group’s night one to remember.

Get it on the calendar:

Use Eventbrite to send meeting requests via Microsoft Outlook, ask your school to be included in a monthly flyer or check with your city’s community center to find out when they update their calendars! If your group is a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, that can also be an excellent way to spread the word about your fundraiser.

After that, its as easy as coming in, making a night of it, and receiving your check.

At Cinergy, we know what it takes to accomplish your goals. That’s why, we’re making Fundraising as easy as 1, 2, 3. Book now and a portion of all net sales will be donated back to your organization, because we know you work hard and you play hard.

Find out more about having a fundraiser at Cinergy and request a date, click here.