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Company and Group Events

Event and About-07Are you interested in bringing your group to see these blockbusters before they are released to the public? Email us at with your location for more details!

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Cinergy will dazzle your group with our state-of-the-art facility and exhilarating entertainment!  We offer comfortable stadium style seating, personalized assistance, the capability to put your presentation on the big screen, and all the creative talent to make your event a memorable experience.  Let us treat your next event as the celebrity of the red carpet.

Please click below to learn more about each of these featured offerings.  Not seeing what you had in mind?  Call us and let us customize for you!

To contact us, please click on the Contact the Event Manager tab.

An excursion to Cinergy is the best ways to relive the corporate tension, take the group out of the office, and have some fun and relaxation!  Round up the co-workers, and either catch a flick, dive into delicious food food and drinks, or play on with one of Cinergy’s featured attractions.

Packages are reserved for groups of at least 8 people, but the more the merrier.

Work together.  Strengthen morale.  And have fun!

Why should kids be the only one allowed to have fun? Adults can play games and have fun too – and even learn how to work better as a team at the same time.  At Cinergy, our exciting team-building challenges encourage strategic thinking, patience and cooperation.  After all is said and done, your team can return back to work refreshed and ready to tackle future projects. Not bad for a single day’s work …

We have auditoriums that can accommodate from 75 to 300 people. Think how special it would be to rent the auditorium just for your event, weather it is for a meeting or for a private screening of your favorite movie.
Do you need a perfect venue to turn that drab meeting in an exciting and thrilling presentation?  Cinergy has everything you need for your next meeting!  Available high tech equipment includes WiFi, flat-screen TVs, audiovisual equipment, screens, projectors, and much more.  Impress your boss and have your meeting shown on the BIG SCREEN!

School, Sports and Church

From young to graduation, Cinergy has the perfect event to support your kids!  Click below to learn more.

To contact us, please find our Event / Sales Manager contact information by clicking the Contact an Event Manager tab.

Cinergy Cinemas and Entertainment is the perfect place for parties, so of course we can host your end-of-season sport party here!  When a league season concludes, choose us as your host for your team party.  Picture coach handing out trophies and certificates while your group chomps on pizza.  Top off the spirit with activities such as games, laser mania tag, sky walker ropes, atomic rush, or even a movie!

Cinergy can accommodate small to large groups from elementary school to high school.  We will customize an event for your school, incorporating several of our fun filled venues from movies, EPIC, games, laser mania tag, Sky Walker high ropes course, and Atomic Rush.  Upon arrival, our friendly staff will greet your group and get them excited for their fun-filled day.

Students will really love Cinergy Cinemas and Entertainment … so why not make us your all-night high school party following graduation or prom? You’ll have the entire place to yourself, which means movies and unlimited games.  However, you will have to go home, eventually!  Our fun filled venue includes; EPIC, movies, games, laser mania tag, sky walker ropes, atomic rush, and food to keep them happy.

Closing time for us means party time for you.  At the end of the evening, we close our doors, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!  Reserve Cinergy for your next lock-in and you’ll have games, movies, food and fun all night long.  We will have enough activities to keep them busy throughout the night with EPIC, movies, games, laser mania tag, sky walker ropes, and atomic rush.

We offer a Field Trip for your Daycare kids! You can bring your class for a movie, games and food.  It’s the best place to keep those little ones out of the Texas heat.  We have the perfect venue for the little ones, with the newest movies and games!

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Teen Birthday Parties

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You want a party that will impress your friends.  A party that’s all about you; hanging out with your friends, doing what YOU want, and having a blast!

Have your run of Cinergy’s game floor and amusements, and spend your time doing exactly what you want… having fun.

Reservations are required.  One parent supervisor must be present during the party.  8 person minimum.  Premiums for 3D or EPIC features will apply.

Every teen receives:
Your choice of Movie, Laser Tag or Sky Walker high ropes course (subject to location availability)
Cinergy’s Ultimate Refillable Drink
Slice of Pizza
$10 Fun Card

Children’s Birthday Parties

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Your child’s birthday will be a blast at Cinergy!  We’ve got everything necessary to make their big day memorable!  No mess, no fuss, just great fun.

Cinergy provides a party host, party area, supplies, drinks, and decorations.  Bring your own cake, and we will take care of the rest. Maximum age is 15.  Base packages include 10 people.

Click on your location below to learn more about the parties available to you.

Have a party booked, and looking for a way to get the word out? Download a Cinergy invitation here!

Director’s Party
Movie ticket with VIP reserved seating, Fun Card, pizza and beverage in party area, and a goodie bag.  Premium will apply for 3D movies.

“Game On” Party
$10 Fun Card, pizza and beverage in party area, and a goodie bag.

Laser Mania Party
Laser tag, Fun Card, pizza and beverage in party area, and a goodie bag.

Ultimate Party 
Sky Walker high ropes course, Laser Tag, Fun Card, pizza and beverage in party room, and a goodie bag.

Director’s Party
Movie ticket with VIP reserved seating, Fun Card, pizza and beverage in party area, and a goodie bag.  Premium will apply for 3D and EPIC features.

“Game On” Party
$10 Fun Card, pizza and beverage in party area, and a goodie bag.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Birthday Parties

Whether you already have your Birthday Party reserved with us, or are just looking to learn more, we’ve gathered some of our most frequently asked questions here.  Please review them and let us know if you have any questions.


Your scheduled Cinergy Birthday party includes Cinergy cups, plates, napkins, flatware, as well as tablecloths. Your package details and included party activities will be detailed out on your contract. Please review this information and ask an Event Coordinator if you have any questions.

You are welcome to bring cake or cupcakes, and your own candles. Please don’t bring: silly string, confetti, streamers, wall/ceiling decorations, or a piñata.

Send out those invitations! You should have received a copy of the Cinergy Birthday party invitation in your email confirmation.

Download a Cinergy invitation here!

If you are having a Director’s Party, we ask that you place a tentative time on your invitations. Your actual party may fluctuate. Ask that all children RSVP to you the Wednesday before your party. At this time you will be able to tell them the confirmed party start and end times. Please make sure to put on your invitations 15 minutes prior to the start time of your party, to ensure all your guests are on time.

All deposits made during the reservation process are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule your party, please contact us right away so that we may accommodate you.

Your deposit is non-refundable.  In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your party, you should call us immediately so that we can do our best to accommodate you.  Reschedules will be based upon availability and may be subject to a re-booking fee.  
Your final payment will be made the day of your party. Last minute add-ons may be accommodated. Your Party Host(ess) will review your total charges with you before receiving final payment.
If you are having a Director’s Party, we ask that you place a tentative time on your invitations. Your actual party may fluctuate. Ask that all children RSVP to you the Wednesday before your party. At this time you will be able to tell them the confirmed party start and end times.
An event coordinator will be in touch with you the Tuesday before your party. We will confirm all of the details with you including party packages, times, final headcounts, package add-ons (for example food for the adults), etc.

If you are having a Director’s Party, your finalized party time, movie start time, and party end time will be confirmed when the event coordinator contacts you.

In the event of a Monday holiday, party confirmations may be completed Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning.

You are all set! If you have any questions or changes to your confirmed birthday party, we need to know right away.

Please check in at Guest Services 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Arriving late may result in loss of activity time/room time.
Reservations for Director’s Parties and parties with movie add-ons are tentative until the final party confirmation. Your final party show time and movie start time will be confirmed the Wednesday prior to your party. Due to the nature of the theatre industry, movie start times and thus your party time, may vary within 45 minutes of your time slot. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee movies or start times.

Confirmation calls are usually made Tuesday or Wednesday before your party. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the movie times or the party time.

The use of confetti inside the party rooms is strictly prohibited. Please tell us ahead of time if you have any decorations or anything special you would like to use for the party so that we may best accommodate you.

All you need to bring is your Birthday cake. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled party start time.
No. You are not allowed to bring outside food, drinks, or coolers other than your Birthday Cake. Please no ice cream cakes.
If you do not meet the child minimum, you can still have a Birthday party at Cinergy. Adults can participate in place of a child. You will be charged for 10 children’s spaces.
If your count increases and requires additional space, please ask an Event Coordinator prior to or during your confirmation call, so we can check for adequate space.
All guests must be 48” or taller to participate in Laser Tag or SkyWalker sessions. Accommodations may be made for any child underneath the height requirement, if you let us know in advance. SkyWalker and Laser Tag participants must wear closed-toe shoes and proper attire. Dresses are not permitted to be worn for either activity.
Contact us and talk to us about these options. We love to be prepared so that your party goes off smoothly. Same day add-ons can be made, but planned events are always more seamless and successful.
Contact us!  We are here to help.

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