Blog - After party and lock-in events

Everything you need to know about after-parties and lock-ins!

The new year as come and gone, and now the school year is coming to an end. With everyone bustling to tie up loose ends before summer, it’s hard to focus on planning those end of the year events. That’s why we’re here to step in and give you the 411 for a successful planning process.

Why do you need an end of the year event? It’s simple: these events are important for making memories that last a lifetime! Events that surround proms, graduations, teamwork, and other pivotal moments in life are frequently looked back and remembered. Young people want to get together to enjoy these moments together.

Blog - Let us take you on a company picnic!

Top 5 reasons you cannot wait to have a company picnic…

With companies trying to find ways to reward their loyal employees in a tough economy, Cinergy – the best indoor, all-in-one family entertainment facility – counts down the top five reasons to hold a company picnic!

Not only is a company picnic a great way to provide a bonding experience throughout your company among your employees and bosses, it also brings the employees’ families together to meet and play with each other. It doesn’t have to mean boring boxed lunches at the local park, either. What better way to get to know each other than to play a game of Laser Tag or be challenged on the ropes course?! When you return to the workplace, you will remember your experiences, and build that experience into your everyday working respect for each other.

How to plan the perfect holiday party.

How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Party

10 critical elements that will make your event a success

1. Type, Cost, & Atmosphere

What type of party are you planning for your holiday event? Will it be casual with fun games, a cocktail mixer or a red carpet VIP event with dinner and a movie?
There are a couple of things to consider. How many guests are coming? And how much do you have to spend? With a general idea of the size and budget for the event, you can get started on the planning.